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Superfund Site Designation

Montana has nine Superfund sites the EPA has designated:

  • Bozeman-Idaho Pole plant, penta leaks into ground and groundwater.
  • Butte, Anaconda-mining waste from 150 years of mining reaching to Milltown dam.
  • Butte-Montana Pole and Treatment Plant.
  • Anaconda-smelter site and mine waste settling ponds.
  • Milltown-toxic waste seeping in water wells from Milltown dam near Missoula.
  • Sommers-Burlington Northern Railroad wood treatment plant at north end Flathead Lake.
  • Libby-Champion International mill.
  • Columbus-Mowat mine and chromium pollution.
  • East Helena-ASARCO, American Smelting and Refining Co. on Prickly Pear Creek.

There are 211 Superfund sites recognized by the State of Montana that are not federally designated sites, including:

  • Railroad fueling facilities.
  • Old oil refinement plants.
  • Post and pole treatment plants.
  • Toxic spill sites.
  • Unauthorized toxic waste disposal sites.
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