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MRA respectfully thanks you for supporting Montana River Action. We hope you will continue to support our goals of protection and restoration of Montana’s rivers. Streams supply most of our municipal drinking waters. They support the vegetation, fish and animals that live along and beyond their banks. They support local economies and are beyond measure in recreational opportunities. Great rivers like the Missouri, Yellowstone, Clark Fork and Kootenai are being straightened, rip-rapped, diked and levied to protect housing that never should have been allowed, destroying fish and wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities.

Montana River Action is frugal. We stretch every dollar as far as practicable and cut costs until it hurts. We are an all volunteer grassroots organization with a strong passion for rivers and streams. Working together our members grow stronger and our voices speak louder. Most of our donations come from people like you. We do not sell, trade or give away our membership list. Your contributions to this all-volunteer organization will sustain our efforts to:

• Raise public awareness about imminent threats to rivers
• Protect and restore Montana’s streams and lakes
• Re-establish natural fisheries for food for and sustenance of wildlife
• Restore wetlands important to water fowl and aquatic life
• Require domestic and industrial sewage to be fully treated and do away with mixing zones
• Screen all water diversions to stop fish loss

Passing on your issue of the newsletter to friends, neighbors or your local library after reading would greatly support our educational work and spread the word of the work we do. Thank you!

Please note that our new mailing address is our office address: Montana River Action, 304 N. 18th Ave., Bozeman, MT 59715.

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Yes, I want to support Montana River Action's continuing efforts to protect Montana's rivers, streams, and lakes. I look forward to receiving MRA's newsletter, Montana River Action, legislative updates, and action alerts.

Please fill in, then print this form. Then mail to Montana River Action, 304 N 18th Avenue; Bozeman MT 59715

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Individual $25  Family $35   Limited Income $15   Supporting Member $100
Patron $250   Benefactor $500   Founder $1000
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  My comments, suggestions, questions, etc. for MRA...

Please make checks payable to Montana River Action.
Membership dues are tax-deductible. Please retain a copy for your records.

  Privacy Statement: MRA does not transfer your contact information to any third parties.
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304 N 18th Avenue • Bozeman MT 59715 • Phone: 406-587-9181
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